With version 1.7 of Tediji by Coexya, we're introducing white labeling, a particularly important feature for our customers who want to deploy the Tediji signature. And as always, you'll discover a number of new options that we hope you'll find useful!


  • With white label, you can set up your company logo to appear in emails sent to signatories and in the signature interface. You can also set up an email signature and a URL to redirect signatories once they have signed.
  • The Organisation Administrator role allows a user to configure organisation settings, such as white labeling, generation of signed files and signatory authentication options.
  • In the previous version of Tediji, we introduced the ability to sign several files at once. Now you can also create a signature request from a number of pre-registered templates.
  • Two new signatory field types are available: Checkbox and Signature Date. In addition, a new option allows you to define a signatory field as optional.
  • Automatic reminders for a request or template can be configured every 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 days, with a maximum number of reminders to be defined. The reminders can also be deactivated.
  • Signed files can be sent as email attachments (up to a maximum of 20 MB) instead of as email links.
  • Don't want to retrieve and store the signed and proof files on your end? We offer long-term storage options. Contact us for more information.