With version 1.6 of Tedij by Coexya, we have introduced two important features for electronic signatures: multi-file signing and webhooks. We have also added more detailed configuration options for creating a signature request.


  • With multi-file signing, you can create templates and signature requests from several files, or even create a signature request from several templates. In total, you can upload up to 10 PDF files per signature request.
  • The type of OTP (None or By email) and the type of signatory (Mandatory or Optional) are set in the roles and/or signatories of a request.
  • You can add personalised messages to the body of emails sent to signatories during the signing process.
  • Your organisation's name appears as the sender of emails sent to signatories during the signing process. This is just the beginning of the white label and other options will be added in the near future.
  • You can cancel a signature request in progress, for example if you have made a mistake in the contact details of one of the signatories.
  • For added security, the authentication tokens enabling signatories to access a signature request now have a lifetime of 24 hours (compared with 2 months previously) and can be renewed once they have expired.
  • Signed files are now kept by default for 3 months after signing (instead of 1 month previously).
  • Thanks to webhooks, when you integrate our API into your tools, you can subscribe to different types of events triggered during the signing process. This allows you to be notified and trigger the appropriate processing on your side. For example, you can be notified when the signed files for a request have been generated and are ready to be retrieved.