07 March 2024

Sword Tell chooses Tediji to protect its customers' intellectual property

Watch mechanism

Sword Tell, a Sword Group company based in Switzerland, is the world leader in computer-aided design solutions for watch manufacturers. Its products are used by the most prestigious brands on the market, and its range of software enables modelling, visualisation and advanced analysis of watch mechanisms.





The use of Tell solutions often results in the filing of a patent with an intellectual property office. However, for one registered design, the watchmaker will have worked on hundreds of versions and alternative models, saved in the form of files. In the hands of the wrong people, the intellectual property contained in these files can be put to very bad use: theft of technology, creation of counterfeit products, etc.


The Tell Protect module can now generate digital proof of the intellectual property of the elements contained in each backup. In the event of a conflict, it will be easy for the industrial watchmaker to prove the anteriority of his work and defend his rights in court. This simple possibility is in itself extremely dissuasive.




In order to protect its clients' intellectual property automatically and in real time, Sword Tell has decided to use blockchain technologies, which are capable of electronically signing digital evidence in an immutable and transparent manner. No confidential information is published on the distributed register; only digital evidence (in the form of hashes) is posted and time-stamped in total security.

To make the task easier, it is using the Certification module of the Tediji solution, published by Coexya, for low-cost mass certification of data and documents. Tediji uses Tezos, one of the greenest large-scale blockchains on the market.